The content machine

In the capitalist nightmare world we find ourselves currently living
in, a world with only artificial scarcity, everyone is a content
creator. Doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, or what your
qualifications happen to be, you are a Creator. Some work in the
medium of words on Twitter or Substack, others might post photos to
Insta, or videos to YouTube, but without Fail, we all have to feed
the Content Machine.

What is the Content Machine? It’s hard to explain, but it’s sort of
a snake that surrounds the world, eating its own tail. It is a
system but also a state of mind. It’s centralized but also
distributed. It’s a virus that has snuck its way into the human
species and infected everything.

Have you ever been watching your child play, heard them say
something funny, then rushed to Facebook to tell everyone? You’ve
been infected. Have opinions about Palestine that you have to get
off your chest? Reddit is there for you. Does your hair look good
today? After a few minutes of tuning you can throw your plastic face
on Instagram.

And what do you get in return for turning all of your human
experiences into Content? Some random person clicks a pixelated
heart and you get a millisecond of serotonin. Multiple that by a
couple hundred and you have literally seconds of joy a day.

As it stands, all we have left to do is feed the content machine.
Every sunrise, school play, and Christmas morning are just fuel for
the machine. Banal human interactions become fodder for melodramatic
Tik Tok videos. Everything exists to serve the content machine. You
only have one job now: to consume and create content.

But giving our lives in service to the content machine isn’t enough.
After we’re done selling off everything we hold dear, the machine
chews it up, digests it, and shits it out through AI. Your content
becomes a part of someone else’s content. And the cycle repeats into
a culturally stagnant future. And in that distant time, when humans
have gone extinct, content will still be cycling through the
machine, a simulacra of a simulation of a copy. World without end.